They have broken 200 ps one after another with clearing environmental issues!

2019 Domestic New Model Collection [Part-01] Large-size Super Sport Type

  • 2019/7/11

The 1000 cc models belong to the category in pursuit of the ultimate “running, turning and braking” in sprint races. It also has a characteristic as an official recognition based machine for races such as the World Superbike Championship (SBK) and the Endurance World Championship (EWC). This category has got 200 ps as a standard now and there has been a trend to get more additional output. Furthermore, even the wing with a MotoGP origin has appeared.

Over the top with ultrahigh rotation! Even the wings have appeared on the street.

The SS, large-size super sport type is filled with the latest mechanical functions presented proudly by each manufacturer. The advanced electric control technology with the IMU (Inertial measurement unit) has become the trend  in the 2010s, which becomes widespread now, and new trends with extra power competitions and with wings have appeared in 2019 .

The latest trends in 2019
 – Variable valve timing and finger-follower have leaped out to the mainstream.
 – Specification for circuit has been set up.
 – Winglet on the public road has appeared.

The recent 1000 cc SS gains 200 ps normally, which had been no more than a dream in the 1990s. It had seemed to be no longer the limit, but there has appeared some machines one after another, which have marked over 200 ps easily by refining their functions such as a finger-follower corresponding to a high rotation and the desmodromic valve mechanism, which is also one of the specialties of DUCATI. It is also needless to say that they have already cleared strict exhaust gas regulations.

Following the GSX-R1000 with a variable valve timing, the S1000RR with a shift cam also attracts notice, which draws much attention by establishing both its torque at a low/middle range and its power at a high rotation.

The wing is a kind of straightening plate to gain a downforce, which has an origin from MotoGP, just equipped to the public road model PANIGALE V4R and RSV4 1100, which would seem to become more popular in the future.

In addition, it is also the recent trend to release superior models in anticipation of racing. Even a complete model of  such as the R1 with racing kit parts has been released.

2019 KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-10R/10RR/10R KRT EDITION: The latest version of the strongest victory machine for the past 4 years in SBK has got an output to 204 ps. 

2019 KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-10R/10RR/10R KRT EDITION: The latest version of the strongest victory machine for the past 4 years in SBK has got an output to 204 ps. 

KAWASAKI’s flagship super sport model has been evolving since its debut in 2004 with a statement of being the fastest in circuit, which had an output to 200 ps the earliest of all in 2011. The 2016 model had been refined with the know-how gained from the SBK works machine, so as to equip not only balance-free front forks with a reservoir tank made by SHOWA, but also an electric control throttle, a 6-axis sensor made by BOSCH and so on. Furthermore, the 2019 model had newly equipped a finger-follower rocker arm which promoted higher rotations. The standard model had got 3 ps, and the RR assumed to be a racing machine had got 4 ps by having titanium connecting rods, 102 g lighter than before. That makes ordinary riders feel a part of ever-victorius machine for the past 4 years from 2015 in SBK. The RR is one of the base models for SBK, built only 500 units in the whole world, with titanium connecting rods and refined suspension settings.

2019 KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-10RR [Specification] Water-cooled 4-stroke Parallel 4-cylinder DOHC 4-valve 998 cc 204 ps/13500 rpm 11.7 kg-m/11200 rpm 206 kg 17 L Seat height: 835 mm Price: 2,926,800 yen

No styling changed, only to be particular about the speed: All the 2019 grades has changed the direct valve drive into a finger-follower rocker arm, to achieve reducing 20% of the mass of reciprocating motion and increasing extra power in whole speed range. The whole styling such as the meter is same as that of the previous, which would give a kind of stoic impression.

2019 KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-10R SE, New model with the electric suspension system: This is a superior model released in 2018 with the KECS (KAWASAKI Electric Control System) made by SHOWA, which enabled to vary damping forces in real time. The 2019 model has equipped the Highly Durable Paint which enables to self-repair small scratches on the body. Price: 2,656,800 yen.

2019 KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-10R KRT Edition, feeling like a works machine: This is a variation of the standard model painted by a special coloring resembling the works color. Each grade has red cylinder head covers in engine unit. Price: 2,062,800 yen

2019 KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-10R [Standard], with casting wheels: This model equips a two-way quick shifter. Unlike The RR and the SE with MARCHESINI forging wheels, it has aluminum casting wheels with 3 spokes.

The KRT prepares a confident victory for SBK this year: The champion Jonathan Rea marked a top time in test on January. In addition, the talented rider Leon Haslam has joined the team as a colleague. The KRT prepares a confident victory for SBK also this year.

YAMAHA YZF-R1/GYTR/R1M: It has held the championship for 4 years running in the SUZUKA 8-Endurance, is the revolutionary domestic SS model enough to be strong still. 

The YZF-R1 has passed its 21st anniversary since the first 1998 model. The current went through a whole model change as the 8th version in 2015, which is a circuit-oriented machine with succeeding MotoGP machine’s blood deeply. The crossplane in-line 4-cylinder engine, which is the only one in this class adopted an irregular interval explosion, shows its overwhelming traction performance, enough to mark 200 ps with some equipments such as titanium connection rods. It has also a characteristic in the electric control system which has been the first to be equipped in the domestic super sport class. Nothing could be said but the fullness with a 10-step traction control system and a 6-axis sensor with detecting even a horizontal slide. It was the first time for YAMAHA to hold the championship for 4 years running in the 2018 SUZUKA 8-hour Endurance. The 2019 model has changed its coloring.

2019 YAMAHA YZF-R1 [Specification] Water-cooled 4-stroke Parallel 4-cylinder DOHC 4-valve 998 cc 200 ps/13500 rpm 11.5 kg-m/11500 rpm 200 kg 17 L Seat height: 855 mm Price: 2,268,000 yen

It has been equipped a full LCD meter the earliest of all the domestic super sport models. It has a characteristic 6-axis sensor, which was the first to be equipped on the market, to control the electric computer inclusively by changing its modes. The 2018 R1M had a function to control more detailed suspension settings.

2019 YAMAHA YZF-R1M: This is a superior version with some equipments such as a carbon exterior and an electric control suspension system. Price: 3,078,000 yen.

2019 YAMAHA YZF-R1 GYTR: This is a complete machine for circuit built only 20 units with a special coloring of the 20th anniversary of the YZF-R1. [No plan to arrive on the domestic market]

SUZUKI  GSX-R1000/R/Ryuyo: The champion in circuit has gone through the first minor change in the current model.

The GSX-R1000 made its debut in 2001 under the profession of “OWN THE RACETRACK”. It had evolved to the 6th version in 2017 with succeeding technologies based on the MotoGP machine. Also the engine had gained an overwhelming high rotation power by such as the variable valve SR-VVT, with keeping its torque in low/middle range, which had been proudly presented by SUZUKI since long ago. The 2019 model had gone through the first minor change, to equip a large-size muffler heat guard whose color had changed from silver to black. While the standard model has had a 2-way quick shifter as a standard equipment, the superior R has had a variable pivot mechanism and front brake hoses made with stainless mesh.

2019 SUZUKI GSX-R1000R [Specification] Water-cooled 4-stroke Parallel 4-cylinder DOHC 4-valve 999 cc 197 ps/13200 rpm 11.9 kg-m/10800 rpm 203 kg 16 L Seat height: 825 mm Price: 2,116,800 yen

It has a full LCD meter like a racing machine, of which only the R has an inverted type. Also it has 3 power modes and 10 traction control modes. The R1000R generates 197 ps, which has only been released on the domestic market.

2019 SUZUKI GSX-R1000: The standard version has been sold only on foreign markets. [No plan to be released on the domestic market]

HONDA CBR1000RR/SP: Swift horse has got full of maturing

The origin of super sport model, the CBR1000RR has passed its 27th anniversary since the first 1992 CB900RR. It had succeeded to reduce its weight of enough 15 kg in the full model change in 2017 and to make a major advance to one of the most light-weight super sport models with in-line 4-cylinder engine. The 2019 model has brushed up its electric computer. The HSTC (HONDA Selectable Torque Control) with a 9-step traction control has made it possible to control minutely by sensing changes of tire circumference while turning. It has had not only an independent control system against willie but also an accelerator responsiveness by increasing driving speed of the electric control throttle. At the same time it has changed a part of the body color variations.

2019 HONDA CBR1000RR SP [Specification] Water-cooled 4-stroke Parallel 4-cylinder 999 cc 192 ps/13000 rpm 11.6 kg-m/11000 rpm 195kg 16L Seat height: 820 mm Price: 2,494,800 yen

The 2019 model has a full color TFT LCD like the RC213V-S and 5 power modes to make its torque characteristic of the most sporty level 1 more powerful.

2019 HONDA CBR1000RR: This is a standard type. Prices: from 2,046,600 to 2,079,000 yen

KAWASAKI Ninja H2 Carbon/H2R: It has marked an unprecedented 231 HP.

The H2 is the first motorcycle on the world market to equip a supercharger, pursuing its original world view of overwhelming acceleration. The 2019 model, which has been for 5 years to appear, has marked a surprising record of 231 ps, 26 ps higher than the former, and has equipped the latest BREMBO Stylema calipers. In addition, they have been also introduced a connect function to smart phone which is the first to be available in KAWASAKI and an ETC (Electric Toll Collection System) 2.0 onboard device. All grades have had the Highly Durable Paint to be able to self-repair small scratches. Also it has been released the H2 Carbon on the domestic market in 2019.  [Sales on orders] 


2019 KAWASAKI H2 CARBON [Specification] Water-cooled 4-stroke Parallel 4-cylinder 998 cc 231 ps 14.4 kg-m 238 kg 17L Seat height: 825 mm Price: 3,564,000 yen

The 2019 model has equipped a full color LCD meter with an automatic light control system, which has 4 patterns to display even a boost pressure, an accelerator position and a brake effect.

2019 KAWASAKI H2R: The R only for closed course is not set up any safety related parts enough to mark 310 ps with its original performance. Also it has a twin ram air system, a titanium muffler and a carbon exterior. Price: 5,940,000 yen.


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