Will the domestic YZF-R25 follow this way?

New coming of YAMAHA YZF-R3 with the MONSTER ENERGY coloring on the US market

  • 2019/7/1

YAMAHA USA has announced the new release of 2020 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA MotoGP Edition YZF-R3 on the US market, which is colored with black-by-blue like the YZR-M1, which is the factory machine of the YAMAHA MotoGP factory team called “MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA MotoGP”. Could it be expected the same coloring to the domestic YZF-R25/R3 already released in the JP market?

Get the “R” World Racing DNA 

The reason why the YAMAHA factory machine YZR-M1 has changed its coloring from the former blue-based one to the black-by-blue one is to alter the main sponsor of the team to MONSTER ENERGY. The Race-Blue with the expression of YAMAHA Racing DNA is combined with the MONSTER ENERGY coloring with green scratch nail marks on the black-based body, that gives a cool impression to this machine. It would go without saying that a replica one had been strongly expected on the market.

A few motorcycles with backbone type frame and the YZF-R125 with the same coloring have been already released in the Asian market, also done the YZF-R125 in the European market.

And this time the new YZF-R3 with the factory replica color has been announced in the US market. The center air duct and the others inherited from the larger YZF-R1 emphasize the YAMAHA Racing DNA, which seem more attractive by having a factory styling. And when will the domestic model with the same coloring appear on the market? The YZF-R25 has been on the market earlier than the new YZF-R3, which has just released on June 10th 2019, so it would be natural to have a look antecedently at the YZF-R25 with the replica coloring. It might be announced before the SUZUKA 8-hour Endurance, where the TECH21 color will play a leading act. And there remains a matter of concern how much the price will get higher.

2020 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA MotoGP Edition YZF-R3 [U.S. version]

The center air duct reminds of the factory machine YZR-M1 and the YZF-R1, the successor of the DNA of YZR-M1.

The new YZF-R3/R25 features a slit of the top bridge, which succeeds to the M1/R1 design.

The newly equipped inverted front forks make its drivability well.

2019 YAMAHA YZF-R3 [U.S. version] Local prices in the U.S.: $5599 +$425 as a transportation charge (Standard type: $4999~5299 +$400 )

The European version of YZF-R125 with the factory coloring

YAMAHA EUROPE has announced the YZF-R125 on May 9th, with a mischievous headlight design, which has enough equipments such as the inverted front forks. It should be welcomed to be released in Japan.

2019 YAMAHA YZF-R125 MONSTER ENERGY MotoGP Edition [EU version] Local price in Italy: €5290 (for reference)


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