Plans to announce new machines in Italy

(Scoop) Will Kawasaki announce four new models for 2019 at the Milan Show?!

  • 2018/11/2

America’s AIMExpo finished at the beginning of October. And now we are waiting to see what will be revealed at the EICMA (Milan Show), after having seen the teaser advertisement that Kawasaki came out with that showed six new models, but with four of the machines left covered up. We wonder what those remaining models might be?   

ZX-6R World premier in America

On the 10th October we distributed an article on the Japanese version of our website saying that, “It would be natural to assume that of the ten new models that were left covered in the teaser advertisement video, the front six models from the left edge of the display will be unveiled at the AIMExpo in America, and the four models on the back row will be unveiled at the EICMA in Milan. We can make out from the silhouettes the size of the machines, but it’s difficult to guess what the contents are. Also, there is a possibility that the already unveiled Ninja ZX-10R series and new Ninja H2 series will be included”.  Well, what actually happened when the covers were removed at the American world premier, was that the ZX-10R series and H2 series supported the ZX-6R. This was made public in Japan and Europe, but because America got the first public notice it is natural to represent it in this way.

Also, next to come is Italy’s Milan Show (EICMA) in November. The Intermot Show in Germany is already underway in Europe, so all that is yet to be released in Europe is the 2019 ZX-6R model. However, with regards to the ZX-6R it was published on European websites at the same time as it was going to be unveiled in America. Therefore, there is the possibility that all of the four remaining machines that are covered in the latest teaser advertisement, are debut models. On the other hand, the Versys 1000 and Ninja H2 SX series are not getting a complete model change in the European lineup for 2019, so perhaps these two models will have a first public exhibition of any changes made.

In the teaser advertisement image that was revealed prior to the opening of the AIMExpo on 11th October, all of the machines were covered, and there was advance notice for the introduction of ten new models. Following this, six of the machines were unveiled in America, leaving four machines remaining.

(Scoop 1) New model Ninja H2 SX SE

You can enjoy an incredibly fast ride with a relaxed riding position on the H2SX sports tourer. It is rumoured that along with the ZX-10R, the SE will be equipped with electric control semi-active Showa suspension. It will be able to handle anything from high speed cruising to mountain passes with its optimum suspension, so its level of comfort is bound to get better. We can’t be sure whether it will be released in 2019 or 2020. *Young Machine, November 2018 edition (released 22nd September)

(Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE   2019/2020 CG prediction   Expected time of release: 2018 Autumn to 2019 autumn.   Possibility of debut: 30%)

(Scoop 2) New model Versys 1000

The Versys made its debut in 2012, and got a big change in 2015 with a crossover to a straight-four engine. The next generation model will inherit the engine and computer device from the current Ninja 1000 that was reformed in 2016. Simultaneously, it will acquire the face of the newest Ninja. The news is that it will be a much cooler bike, thanks to features such as a Bosch six-pivot IMU (Inertia sensor), and ABS cornering support. *Young Machine, November 2018 edition (released 22nd September)

Furthermore, according to the most recent news, it seems as though it’s likely the Versys 1000 will get electric suspension.

(Kawasaki Versys 1000   2019 CG prediction.   Expected time of release: Autumn 2018.   Possibility of debut: 70%)

(Scoop 3) New model W800

The W800 that was regrettably taken out of production in 2016, seems as though it will be revived in response to firmly rooted demand. Much like the Yamaha SR and Serow, it seems the air-cooled 773cc vertical-twin engine has been designed to correspond with regulations. There were rumours that it would imitate the Triumph Bonneville that went from air-cooled to water-cooled and be increased to a 1000cc, but it seems it will inherit the predecessor engine. Furthermore, according to our sources “the bevel gear fitted as a symbol is expensive. There is also the possibility that it will be developed into a water-cooled engine in preparation for future engine regulations”. Will the next model be the last to have an air-cooled engine?  *Young Machine, November 2018 edition (22nd September)

Following this, judging by the display of the W2TT at the Paris Show styled like the scramblers sold in the 1960s, does this mean that the new W800 will also come with a scrambler spec?! This is something we just wanted to point out.

(Kawasaki W800   2019 CG prediction.   Estimated time of release: Autumn 2018.   Possibility of release: 70%)

(Scoop 4) New model KLX125

Kawasaki released photos and an overview of the Ninja 125 and Z125 styling in Europe. Also, we caught news that Kawasaki have had a trick up their sleeve by using those bikes as a base to prepare a multi-purpose spec “KLX125” model. Although the current KLX125 is being put out of production, it looks as though after this the machine will be inherited, and such features as large diameter wheels and long stroke suspension will be fitted exclusively. Furthermore, it is highly likely that the new Ninja and Z125 will be sold in Japan. The same looks set to happen for the KLX125, too. *Young Machine, November 2018 edition (22nd September)

(Kawasaki KLX125   2019 CG prediction   Estimated time of release: Autumn 2018   Possibility of debut: 50%)

(Scoop 5) New model Z400

Ever since its unveiling, the Ninja 400 has been successful to the extent that it exceeds the sales records of the king of the 400 class, the CB400SF/SB. Using the Ninja as a base, it is highly probable that we will see a naked version “Z400” model. It is predicted that an “Awesome” streetfighter design will be applied to this shared series. The more nimble bike looks like it’ll be fun to ride. Also, in the event that a “Z” is released, we can hope to see an “RS” released, too. The Z900RS Neo classic based on the Z900 streetfighter was developed, but we would love to see this development carried on the Z, even if it is only a 400cc. It differs from the air-cooled four-cylinder Zephyr, but a modern day version machine with the ambience of a Zephyr would do just the trick. *Young Machine, November 2018 edition (released 22nd September)

(Kawasaki Z400   2019 CG prediction   Estimated time of release: Autumn 2018   Possibility of debut: 50%)

(Kawasaki Z400RS   2019 CG prediction   Estimated time of release: TBA   Possibility of debut: 30%)





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