Debut at Milan Show on 6th November

(Scoop) 2019 BMW S1000RR defined by bilateral symmetry

  • 2018/11/1

The “Stay tuned” teaser video has stirred up excitement, and there is a strong possibility that BMW will announce a formidable machine at Italy’s Milan Show. Also, on 19th October a new teaser video was made public, and the hitherto unseen face design has been established. 

S1000RR image holds strong

In the newest teaser video the “glimpse” of the headlight area matches what was thought to be the 2019 S1000RR registration design CG image. We feel it would be safe to say that the machine BMW will announce at the Milan Show, will be the S1000RR. It appears the characteristic left and right asymmetric headlights from the predecessor model, will become bilateral symmetric projector-style LEDs. Nevertheless, if you look at the registration of design CG image, or the spy shot that was photographed in 2017, it appears the centre intake ram-air ducts remain. Therefore, you could say that the image of the S1000RR stays strong. Also, the indicators are integrated into the mirrors, and that area has been constructed to deal with racing.

(Image is thought to be the registration of design CG for the 2019 BMW S1000RR [centre]) You could say that the headlights in the picture at the top of the page from the teaser video, and the lights in the centre photo here are the same. The headlights photographed in the spy shot (left) in August 2017 were temporary. It seems like the left and right asymmetric headlights (right) that have gone without change since the machine’s debut in 2009, will be discontinued.

Will the frame be an LCG type?!

It is predicted that the once straight line-style frame on the predecessor model will become a curved form. This very much resembles the LCG (Lower centre of gravity) frame adopted on the CBR250RR (MC22) made its debut in 1990. Because of this, we assume that the tank has been downsized and the wheelbase shortened to facilitate this. Simultaneously, the frame and swingarm have been narrowed considerably. So there’s a possibility that it may become lighter than the predecessor model. If this turns out to be the case, then we can expect the already plentiful power of the S1000RR will become yet stronger… can this really be true?!

(Image is thought to be the registration of design CG for the 2019 BMW S1000RR)  The swingarm is configured to form a reverse truss with thin pipe. The righthand side will change from the predecessor curved type, to a straight form. We predict the interface will be remodelled, judging by the fact that there is a dial fitted to the left handlebar grip.

(Image is thought to be the registration of design CG for the 2019 BMW S1000RR) It looks as though the material of the seat rail might change from aluminium to steel pipe. We guess that the benefits of using a truss form are that it’s lighter than the rectangular shape on the current model, and cheaper to produce than making a cast. The tail  is in keeping with trends, being short and small. It seems as though the meters fitted are the newest-style full LCD.





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