CBR-R series updates also promoted

Attention towards Honda for Milan Show, as CBR500R may inherit CBR250RR looks?!

  • 2018/10/28

At the Paris Motor Show on 3rd October 2018, other than the exhibition of what appeared to be a CB650R prototype concept model, there was not much going on for Honda. However, some fresh news has come in prior to November’s Milan Show. 

CBR-R series also has a model change, which is followed by the CB-R

Within the models for 2018, the CB-R series saw anything from the CBR125R to the CB1000R appear all in one go. Also, there was the all new series unified under the image of a Neo-sports cafe concept. Well, for 2019 there is the prospect of a formal announcement at the Milan Show of an inline-four cylinder engine CB650R to be added to the series. At the same time the CB650F will become the CBR650R. Therefore, we predict that the predecessor F concept will be reborn as an R, which tallies up with our previous report. Moreover, going by our sources the already existing CBR500R (CBR400R in Japan) will also have a model change, and it seems increasingly likely that the CBR-R will also share the same image in the series update.

Most specifically, it appears a plausible theory that the CBR400R will receive the same kind of sharp, edgy effects as the CBR250RR design. It seems that the R will differ to the RR, yet be similar to the F series with its good use in coping with touring. However, in regards to exterior looks it is likely that it will share the same style as the RR. In other words, we reckon the looks of the CBR will be uniform under one big family, and the R and RR will become a branch family prepared with a practical product structure. You could say that the R resembles the compartmentalisation of the Kawasaki Ninja series, with its non-branding.

Above is the CBR400R (CBR500R in Europe) that got a model change in 2016, and the style was reformed from the predecessor model that had standard type bulbs, with its full LED headlights. Below is the 2019 CBR250RR model that is planned to go on sale. It takes the most updated CBR design that was introduced in 2017. We presume the 2019 CBR400/500R will give off a similar impression to this.

(Honda CBR400R   2019 model CG prediction [middle]) With a tall handlebar position and ease of use for touring, the CBR400R retains its original concept and has an exterior design that comes close to the CBR250RR. The middle CG image represents this.

Opposition for the big hit Ninja 400! Things will be heated for the 400 class in 2019

As for the 2018 Japanese domestic 400cc sports model class, it seems like a sign for the end of total victory for the Ninja 400, of which delivered solid performance and sales figures from its full model change. According to Japan’s Motorcycle Newspaper dated 21st September, sales of the Ninja 400 in the first half of 2018 were recorded at 1749 machines. This figure is close to double the number of CB400SF/SB sales, that up until now had been unrivalled within its category. It looks like the CBR400R will oppose the competition with the exterior image of the RR. Also, the YZF-R3 that has been maintaining favourable sales up until now, will get a renewal for 2019 with USD forks, and YZF-R colours etched boldly onto the face of the centre ducts. It appears the fight between these three manufacturers (Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda) in the 400cc class will gather some attention in 2019.

New shape Kawasaki Ninja 400 (left) that is currently proving to be a hit, and the 2019 YZF-R3 (middle) that has been officially announced. These rivals will likely be opposed by the face of the RR on the 2019 CBR400/500R. News suggests that the CBR will continue to have upright forks, so the price shouldn’t change so much.






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