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How do the new Yamaha Hybrid scooter and PCX Hybrid differ?

  • 2018/8/25

On 16th July 2018 in Thailand, Yamaha announced the Grand Filano Hybrid scooter equipped with a hybrid system. We will introduce those details here while comparing it with the Honda PCX Hybrid. 

Yamaha and Honda Hybrid bikes introduced at the same time in Thailand

Regarding the world’s first two-wheel hybrid machines, Honda had an exhibition at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2017 showcasing the PCX Hybrid, and made a formal announcement in Japan on 6th July 2018. Meanwhile, Yamaha has also been developing a hybrid, and announced the Grand Filano Hybrid on 16th July in Thailand. Following this, on 2nd August Honda also made an announcement in Thailand for the PCX Hybrid, so it turned out that Yamaha and Honda decided to announce their hybrid models around the same time in Thailand.

(Yamaha   Grand Filano Hybrid/ABS   2018 model Thai spec   Price: approx $1670 / $1885) The Grand Filano is the first model equipped with a blue-core engine that gets a hybrid system model change. It has a refined design and is being firmly supported as a popular model in Thailand.

(Honda   PCX Hybrid   2018 model Thai spec   Price: approx $2960) The hybrid spec of the PCX is also launched first in Thailand. It adopts the same 150cc engine (Japan 125cc) as the Indonesian spec that was previously announced, but the rear brake differs as the Indonesian spec has a disc, whereas this spec includes a drum. Also, there is no ABS option.

Both of the hybrid systems are fundamentally the same

Let’s take a look at how the Yamaha and Honda two-wheel hybrid systems set for release in Thailand actually function, while comparing them. First of all, it seems fine to say that both of the hybrid systems are fundamentally the same. Both of the machines are based on an idling stop (Yamaha names it “stop and start”) mechanism, and the “Smart Motor Generator” (Yamaha) / “ACG Starter and Assist Motor” (Honda) electric charge assists the engine when accelerating. These are not installed together in sync in the motor, instead as a simple addition that functions as a hybrid spec.

Next, let’s note that while the Honda PCX hybrid has a 48V lithium battery added, in contrast to this the Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid uses only the engine’s lead battery to turn it into a hybrid. The power performance spec was not announced in Thailand so we cannot make a comparison, but if you compare it with the PCX Hybrid motor that was announced in Japan as having an output of 1.9bhp, we can guess that the Grand Filano will have an inferior spec.

Above is the Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid, and below is the Honda PCX Hybrid. Other than the fact that one has one battery and the other has two, the fundamental structure of the mechanisms is similar. They have a control assist motor SGCU (Starter Generator Control Unit), and PDU (Power Drive unit) respectively in operation. Along with this there is the standard idling stop, so both fuel consumption and acceleration is improved.

It seems like the simple Yamaha parts can be developed into other types of equipment

Thanks to the SGCU Yamaha hybrid that is applied to an engine spec model, not only is it inexpensive, but it appears it could be easily developed into other types of equipment. Starting with such bikes as the Grand Filano (called Nozza Grande in Vietnam), the blue-core engine is currently being developed for various types of equipment in and outside of Japan. So if the Smart Motor Generator is applied to a model change, by no means is it difficult to turn these into a hybrid spec. Therefore, it is possible to change an entire system completely.

This is the general purpose YTZ6V(5Ah)/YTZ7V(6Ah) battery that the Grand Filano Hybrid uses. The Smart Motor Generator takes power from the battery to assist when accelerating, and charges when the bike is running.

This is an illustration of the 48V Lithium battery for the Honda PCX Hybrid. The standard model applies the idling stop, and then equips the ACG starter, so it seems the hybrid usage is repaired by the 48V motor.

The Grand Filano Hybrid assist operates at its maximum at three seconds, and we can see how the torque figure rises. The PCX Hybrid also gets its biggest hit of torque at three seconds which continues briefly, then the mechanism allows it to gradually decrease a second later.

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