Introduction of Harley-Davidson new vision models (Part 1)

Harley announce Pan America 1250 Adventure model

  • 2018/8/14

On 30th July 2018 Harley-Davidson announced their global strategy for up until 2022, as they embark on selling a new segment of models under the so-called “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” slogan. It was a surprise to see that among these there was also an Adventure model!  

Water-cooled 1250cc V-twin engine

What Harley have announced this time is not the customary next year model line-up, but instead a global strategy and product development programme that aims to deliver growth. There are several big news stories in terms of product development, but the most prominent among these announced is the Adventure model (Pan America 1250), with an engine displacement of 1250cc. It has become clear from an overseas interview article that it will adopt a water-cooled 60-degree V-twin DOHC4-valve engine.

There had been rumours in the past about Harley producing an Adventure model, but for a prototype like this to be announced was outside of our expectations. Make no mistake, the aim here is for Harley to widen their customer base. Within their main market, America, the ageing of the core customer base has led to a long-term slump in sales, so the company responded by consolidating the 2018 Dyna and Softail series. However, behind closed doors the existing models have been developed in order to expand into a new segment. and they are creating new choices from which to purchase under the so-called “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” slogan. Other than this it has become evident there will be a formal announcement for an electric Livewire for August 2019, plus a 1250cc custom model and 975cc street-fighter for 2020.

(Harley-Davidson   Pan America 1250   Prototype) This is the Pan America prototype announced by Harley. A scene of it in action has been compiled in the video (see bottom of page), and its off-road ability seems promising. The top photo is also gaining appeal, but it has been announced its release will be for the beginning of 2020. Also, there is the prospect of a 975cc spec to be released in 2021.

After observing the video we can assume that it will be chain driven. Being an Adventure model it wouldn’t be able to use a belt drive anyway, due to the possibility of pebbles and the like getting caught up.

Is an air-cooled Sportster also being tested?!

After observing the information regarding the Pan America 1250 equipped with a water-cooled 60-degree V-twin two-cylinder DOH4-valve engine in the video (see bottom of page), there is also a bike equipped with an air-cooled Sportster engine running in the desert scene. In what is thought to be the initial design sketches a Sportster engine appears to be drawn, so was it that in the first stages of development there were two varieties, an air-cooled and water-cooled version? Or might there be an air-cooled version on its way too…?!

The Pan America 1250 running in the middle of the video (see bottom of page) showing its appeal in how it hits the dirt. If you look at the video closely it seems the bike on the left (upper picture) is equipped with the Sportster air-cooled engine, and the bike doing the jump (bottom picture) is a water-cooled model.

These are thought to be sketches from the initial design stages. You can see the pushrods from the picture at the back. The position of the air cleaner is drawn in the same position as the Sportster air-cooled V-twin position, so perhaps there were plans for an air-cooled engine in the beginning stages.

It has the same kind of distinctive headlight as the 2018 Fat Boy model. This is the type of special design that only Harley could come up with.

Judging on what we can see of the structure in the slides, it appears that it has an adjustable screen. The indicators are integrated within the hand-guard covers.

In the left screen you can see it is a diamond type frame, but much like the Panigale V4 it seems it is possible for the front and rear sections to be separated. The Streetfighter model that was announced at the same time also appears to be separate.

If you look at the mock-up on the left, it gives the impression that the rear-side of the V-twin engine is fastened to the rear area of the frame. Not only is the engine new, but the body is something that has never been seen on any Harley up to now, in what appears to be a new challenge for the company.

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