Reproduction of CB750FC colour-scheme

New style CB1300 (SP) with Ohlins & Brembo on its way?!

  • 2018/6/22

It seems as though there will be an SP version of the new 2018 CB1300SF/SB (Super Four / Super Bol d’Or) that acquired a cheeky exhaust note, despite the emission rules that were introduced in Japan from 2016. Also, it looks like the new release will recall the blue & white colouring of the 1982 CB750FC, and will be adorned with stunning framework.   

A reappearance of the CB from back in the day

In response to new emission regulations in Japan, the CB1300 & CB400 both received minor changes to their exhausts back in October of last year. Well, a rumour has dropped by unexpectedly about the “addition of a top-end spec” CB1300. According to our sources, it seems as though it will have “brembo radial calipers and ohlins front & rear suspension”. Furthermore, it looks as though it will be released in exclusive colours that evoke the tricolours of the 1982 CB750FC model. It also gives off the impression of the popular CB750F from the 1990s. We expect it will retail from around $31,650 for the standard version. *Young Machine, 2018 February edition

(Honda CB1300 Super Bol d’Or SP [CG prediction] Expected price: $17,200.  Estimated time of appearance: July 2018) Both the SB & SF models are based on the image of the CB750F with the blue, white & red paintwork. These colours are set off yet further with the gold suspension areas! This really is looking set to be a proper SP version.

(Honda CB1300 Super Four SP [CG prediction] Expected price: $16,275. Estimated time of appearance: July, 2018) Both the SB & SF models will be equipped with brembo radial mounted calipers and ohlins front & rear suspension.

(Honda CB750F, released on June 10th, 1982) It is thought that the blue on the upcoming CB1300SF/SB SP models is based on the motif of the final version of the CB750F (CB750FC). Other than these colours being used in 2002 to celebrate a 10 year anniversary with the CB1300 Super Four, the same colours also appeared on the CB750 models from 2005 until the final version in 2008.

News feed: Young Machine, 2018 February edition (released December 24th)





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