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Young Machine scoops are spreading overseas (3)

  • 2018/6/2

Our “Frontline battle ground ” 250SS-WARS scoop from the May 2018 special edition (Released for sale 24th March) has been published by Indonesian motorcycle media. References made to our CG images often circulate the internet, but this time it actually went into printed form. So we would like to introduce another one of those scoops that appeared.

Will there be a YZF-R25 model change to fight off its rivals?!

In a country that has many passionate sports bike fans, the specialist tabloid newspaper “MOTOR PLUS” in Indonesia is very well known, and recently it published an almost like for like scoop of ours from the May edition. On this occasion, we are writing about whether there might be a new model of the YZF-R25 for 2019 in a bid to challenge its rivals. The current YZF-R25 model has been produced in Indonesia since autumn 2014, with the aim of taking the stronghold of the Ninja 250 that has recorded favourable sales over there. Considering this is the first scoop about a new model change, it’s natural of course that over in Indonesia there has been interest in this story too.

Here is the MOTOR PLUS special edition front cover and inside pages of the 250cc sports bike scoop taken from our May edition. “MOTOR PLUS” is known to be the biggest bike media in Indonesia, and around 200,000 copies are printed in weekly publications for a price of about 55 US cents. We have published the content from the article about the Kawasaki in the space below here.

Could this be the favourite 250 sports bike for 2019, with emphasis placed on an evolved chassis?!

In the 250 sports bike class the big news recently has been the new shape Ninja 250 that appeared in February. It has been gaining a favourable reputation at a time when the bar has remained low in offering a package that massively reduces weight, offers power increases and that is sporty. And so, what has been on our mind is the movements from its rivals. The high performance, racey CBR250RR model that was released in 2017 has shown itself to be a top contender for a while. We have thoroughly investigated the movements of the remaining Yamaha and Suzuki.

The first thing one should notice is how the Yamaha YZF-R25 has deep ties with the Ninja. Originally, the R25 began its sales domestically in December 2014 in order to defeat the former Ninja and monopolise on its popularity. While it may have followed the same kind of route as the leading Ninja, it excelled in terms of big character in its sports performance and in various other aspects too. However, this time the new Ninja has gone yet further in exceeding the R25 on that same route.

According to our sources, there is talk of how “The next generation R25 is in the midst of development, and that it’s certain to appear in 2019”. As expected, the plan with this package is very much with the conscience of the Ninja in mind. First of all, it’s likely that it will adopt the use of an “LED headlight” much like the new Kawasaki acquired. Furthermore, in contrast to the current and new to be released Ninja models that have upright forks and thrust mount calipers, it seems that this Yamaha will be armed with USD forks and radial calipers. The aim of this is not so much to merely up the fight, but rather it appears that the purpose is to raise the level of marketability. In other words, the character of the almighty current model will remain constant. It is not taking the same racey route as the high price CBR, but keeping the same extent of breadth as the new Ninja, whilst savouring the advancements in properly raising the sports performance. The aim of course is to once again defeat the Ninja! (Young Machine, 2018 May edition)

(YAMAHA YZF-R25 2019 new model CG prediction. Predicted time of appearance: Autumn 2018. Price: $5,000 – $5,100. Possibility of release: 70%) With LED headlights and USD forks, things are bound to toughen up all at once. In addition, it is expected to have its design refreshed in the same style as the newest Yamaha lineage of the 2017 R6 model!

Is it a matter of course that it will cross paths with its younger brother’s original equipment?!

We are always making predictions, but nevertheless we forecast that what will be of grave importance for the next version of the R25 will be the existence of the 2017 YZF-R15. At any rate the equipment will be stunning, and in addition to LED headlights and USD forks it will boast VVA variable valves, link system rear suspension, and many items that the current R25 doesn’t have. The country of manufacture for the R25 will remain in Indonesia where the core sales are being made. As might be expected, there is a good possibility that the next version of the R25 will be released with similar equipment as the R15.

Because drastic measures would have to be made in order to implement variable valves, it is unknown whether this will materialise. Nevertheless, if it is introduced then it will become the only current 250 to have so, and this would certainly be a big sales point. In regards to the link system rear suspension, in 2015 Yamaha completed the patent of a swingarm link intended for a small size bike. This has been something of a weak point in particular when going racing as the current R25 that has no link system, but perhaps this can finally be resolved.

Furthermore, in the same way that a friend is treated like a younger brother, it is expected that its equipment will exceed in the form of ram air. Since 2017 the ban has been lifted on the use of ram air in the AP250 Asian championship, so if it is adopted then it would be the sole missile in the current class. In regards to the frame, “It doesn’t seem like there will be any massive changes” (Sources). However, much like the Ninja there is a demand for lightness, so there is the possibility of a new frame design. At any rate, it won’t make it as one of those pure sports bike that have broken away, but as a current model it will retain that almighty concept. Above all, it seems bound to achieve in outdoing the Ninja.

(Above) The current state of affairs is that the bigger brother R25 will have equipment that is not found on its younger brother, the R15. If the imitation of the R15’s evolution can be accomplished, then it’s certain of how an unbelievably attractive 250 sports bike will be born. Of course, if it has unique equipment that rivals don’t possess, then product appeal will heighten all the more. (Below) Indonesia has the largest motorcycle market out of all of the ASEAN countries, selling around six million machines each year. It used to be the case that 125cc bikes were most popular, but recently there has been a trend for capacities over 150cc. Also, there is great popularity with racing, and MotoGP news circulates regularly on TV. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there is a fiery contest between each company, and an equal amount of extravagant equipment is being used for the small capacity classes as the big bike classes, as the manufacturers are all eager to claim such hegemony. And that machine to beat, is the R15.

News feed: Young Machine, 2018 May edition (Release sale date 24th March)





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