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Young Machine scoops are spreading overseas (2)

  • 2018/6/2

Our “Frontline battle ground ” 250SS-WARS scoop from the May 2018 special edition (Released for sale 24th March) has been published by Indonesian motorcycle media. References made to our CG images often circulate the internet, but this time it actually went into printed form. So we would like to introduce another one of those scoops that appeared.

Could there be a four-cylinder 250 machine on its way?!

In a country that has many passionate sports bike fans, the specialist tabloid newspaper “MOTOR PLUS” in Indonesia is very well known, and recently it published an almost like for like scoop of ours from the May edition. On this occasion, we are going to be discussing the rumour from a while back regarding the likelihood of plans for a four-cylinder 250cc Kawasaki. Originally the rumour came from Indonesia, and Young Machine took it up in the October 2014 edition, but in conveying those latest movements there has been a strong interest in Indonesia too of course.

Here is the MOTOR PLUS special edition front cover and inside pages of the 250cc sports bike scoop taken from our May edition. “MOTOR PLUS” is known to be the biggest bike media in Indonesia, and around 200,000 copies are printed in weekly publications for a price of about 55 US cents. We have published the content from the article about the Kawasaki in the space below here.

Could there be an ultimate performance 250 edition akin to the H2?

The 2018 Ninja 250 has raised its performance standards greatly, and has become a realistic price for a parallel-twin model. As one might expect, the plans for a four-cylinder 250cc might have just been a fantasy? Well you’d be wrong in thinking this, as behind closed doors Kawasaki are busy working away on making it a reality.

Around just year ago, Kawasaki Indonesia carried out a large scale web questionnaire via SNS regarding the next generation of Ninja 250. Due to having already reached the final stages of development for the 2018 Ninja 250 around that time, this move can be considered as having been an opportunity for Kawasaki to heighten its performance in preparation for formally announcing the 2018 model. However, within the questionnaire it also asked about customers’ level of demand for a 250cc class bike with top equipment and functions. Of course, within this there is also the existence of a “parallel four-cylinder” item. Also, it is no surprise that the unidentified photo found on an Indonesian website three years ago showing “development of a Kawasaki cylinder head with four-cylinders” became a big topic for discussion. As for the domestic market of Japan the creation of a four-cylinder might sound like a fantasy, but for the rest of Asia the demand for a four-cylinder machine is steadily increasing.

The hype is really opening up big time with both riders in Japan who have enjoyed bikes as a part of their culture for some time, along with bikers of emerging nations that are now thriving. The greatest difference is how they are still yet to have had personal experience of four-cylinder 250cc bikes. The manager of a shop over there who has been studying such trends, speaks of how “It seemed that Japan used to say four-cylinders over two-cylinders, double discs over single disc, USD forks over upright forks – more speed, more power! Well other Asian riders say the same thing as them. So if the demand is there, then something will become of it sooner or later”. There is also already information that Kawasaki have completed production of a test bike. If the other two-cylinder bikes reach the the end of their fight, then there can only be one battle left following this with the four-cylinders! (Article taken from Young Machine, 2018 May edition)

There is the expectation of how it has the capacity to make it to the top of all of the 250 machines

Based on the present 250cc power map, here are the expectations of what the next generation Ninja could potentially deliver. There is a strong possibility of how it will challenge the specialised circuit based CBR250RR model in a head on fight. However, there are no actual real rivals as of yet, so all Kawasaki can do for now is develop an ultimate performance 250cc machine akin to the H2. We cannot say of course that this won’t depend on Asia’s economic status from here on.

Analysis of the internet image from the October 2014 edition

In the October 2014 edition we introduced the image of what was said to be of a four-cylinder 250cc engine, obtained from an Indonesian website that became a topic for discussion. After we made made inspections it was established that it was fake and that it was in-fact the image of a ZX-6R, but thereafter many people felt an extraordinary yearning towards a four-cylinder concept. Indonesia’s GDP has increased by 1.3 times in the three years since then, so it is becoming an era when things can be purchased even if its expensive.

News feed: Young Machine, 2018 May edition (Release sale date 24th March)





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