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Will the new model Honda V4 get the go-ahead for development?!

  • 2017/11/27

This bike appeared as a scoop in Young Machine’s December 2017 edition (Released 24thOct) and is now being introduced on the web. Originally it was planned for the special scoop edition as a model exhibit from the Milan show, but instead we featured the next version of the RVF1000 (Predicted by us). Just as one might have expected at a time when Ducati’s Panigale was becoming a topic for discussion, the information about the development of a new model Honda V4 seems to hold some significance.

From the research stage to product development in defeating Ducati

At last, the Ducati V4 engine is revealed that will be sold on the market. This is a unit born with all of its might derived from the V4-equipped MotoGP Desmosedici machine. This, when packed into a public road model, produces a Panigale V4 that is also expected to be announced at Milan. Based on these happenings, new information has come to light of how “Honda turned towards starting a project by producing a new V4 machine”! It was a good few years back that rumours circulated about a Ducati V4, and it was then that Honda got a bit of a wake up call. The extraordinary MotoGP V4 replica RC213V-S has been making sales but, with a price tag of $184,000 this is no ordinary model, so it is hard for us to comment about the newest technology involved with this bike. Also, the race rules in World Superbikes (SBK), the Suzuka 8 Hours race, and other world endurance races are such that this bike cannot participate. Nevertheless, Ducati plan to sell their V4 at a considerably more sensible price of around $27,495. This V4 will take part in the SBK from 2019. This sparked a contest with Honda, as its glorious racing history and the V4 are inseparable. It can be strongly felt how it is the birthplace of the V4. So Honda has been bold in taking a risk, as it can’t risk losing to Ducati. In recent years Honda have been in the process of actively acquiring special rights for the V4. However, “It had been the case that there was no possibility of a commercial only patent” (sources). Nevertheless, with the new go-ahead in place now, it is expected that the development will aim to proceed with selling on the market in line with the next release of Euro 5 emissions rules that come into force in 2020. Compared with the 213V-S it is a more realistic price, and we really want to see a V4 machine that is unbeatable in SBK and the Suzuka 8 hour races soon!

(From Young Machine edition 2017.12)

(CG of the the next release HONDA RVF1000, based on the special patent diagram in the central photo) Central photo: In March this year, Honda made an application in the USA for patent use of the V4. A compact main frame that is fastened to the cylinder head, with the pivot section of the frame being separated. The aim is to keep the width down, so that it is easy to gain access to the upper parts of the cylinder head. By chance this very much resembles the spy shot of the Panigale V4. Below photo: Coming this year, variable intake device, under engine exhaust, frame, air intakes etc. Also, a special patent put on display relating to Honda’s V4. Miraculously, this all came out at the same time as the existence of the Ducati V4 was made public.

Right: With only minimal changes, the 90° V4 999c MotoGP machine makes a reappearance. It features such things as a cam gear train, adoption of a 360° crank, and all assembly carried out by hand. As for power, when installing a sports-kit it reaches over 215bhp. In 2015 it was limited to sales of 200 machines worldwide. Left: Announced on 7th September as just a stand alone engine for now. 90° V4, desmodromic valves, and 70° phase & counter cranks are adopted. Intended for the public road, it is bigger than the GP machine at 1103cc, and kicks out over 210bhp. Also, a machine will be developed to participate in the 2019 SBK 1000cc class. The complete Panigale V4 bike will be announced 5th November.

Currently in MotoGP, the Honda and Ducati V4 machines are scrambling for the title in a heated development. At the last round of the Japan GP on 15th October the two were battling, and on the final lap at the final corner the Ducati created a nail-biting scene.

Please note: The content in this article was information gathered in mid October 2017 and published in the Young Machine December edition (Released 2017.10.24). For the official Panigale V4 announcement, please click here





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